Business Advisory Services

3187 group-editThe_Business Advisory Group of Morella & Associates understands that the issues their clients face extend beyond just legal matters.

The law firm of Morella & Associates is a boutique, full-service business law firm.  The collection of talent at Morella & Associates gives the firm a wealth of experience that rivals many major national law firms, while maintaining accessibility and individualized treatment.

Whether a business is in a period of growth, has reached a steady state, or is in a period of decline, future success depends on analysis of its current position and the development and execution of a plan that meets the company’s business objectives.   To assist our clients in meeting the demanding challenges of an increasingly more complex business environment, our firm provides the following services: Business Assessments, Turnaround Management, Financial Restructuring Service, and Mergers and Acquisition Services.

Business Assessments

  • The process of base-lining the current state of the business is essential whether our client is a healthy business looking to maintain or grow, or a distressed company looking for options.
  • This process includes an exhaustive review of every aspect of the business including sales, marketing, operations, and finance.  We determine the effectiveness of the people, the processes, and the technology in each functional area, and what must be done to address the situation.  In the end, our counsel enables our clients to “plan the work and work the plan.”

Financial Restructuring

  • The key to future growth or sustainability can rest with how the company is capitalized.
  • We help our clients evaluate their current financial situation and examine the available alternatives such as negotiating with existing lenders, new funding sources, and the use of equity capital.  We determine your needs and access the appropriate capital markets to best meet those needs.

Mergers & Acquisition

  • We provide the support and advisory services required whether you are acquiring a new business line, or selling an existing division.
  • We fully evaluate the business to determine its value and represent it to the market.  We facilitate and manage the due diligence process, deal structure, negotiation, documentation, closing of mergers, and purchases of assets or stock.

Turnaround Management

  • The key to success in any business crisis is to properly assess the situation and the options available.
  • When we are engaged by clients in crisis we immediately take steps to conserve cash, which is the   oxygen to any business. We build a sustainability plan that focuses on current and future cash flow. When necessary, we negotiate with lenders to maximize the time our clients have to achieve sustainability and recapitalize for future growth.

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