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Understanding Your Needs

Our estate planning group understands the personal nature of estate planning and has extensive experience counseling clients on effectively negotiating their family dynamics. Our estate planning services range from drafting wills to complex estate tax planning and wealth continuity planning.

Too often, people are not fully aware of the federal estate tax and state inheritance tax liabilities that may be incurred upon their death and the consequences that such tax liabilities can have on their families. Fortunately, our reputation for solving complex matters using our thorough understanding of today’s intricate state and federal estate and tax laws is well deserved. We take a comprehensive approach to wealth preservation and transition planning that skillfully meets our clients’ financial goals by protecting their assets and minimizing their transfer taxes.

Providing Peace of Mind

When creating an estate plan, our objective is to provide peace of mind for the family by protecting assets from creditor attack, reducing tax liabilities and ensuring that family members can be cared for respectfully during their lifetimes. As part of our comprehensive estate plans, we provide our clients with financial and health powers of attorney and living will declarations for implementation during their lifetime.

Our services also include the administration of decedent estates. We ensure that the decedent’s intentions are carried out in accordance with their last will and testament, we resolve the related estate tax issues and we guide the next generation through the matters that arise following death, such as the need for additional asset-protection and estate planning.